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Compare Home Security Alarm Systems

Take The Time to Secure Your Home or Business - Prevent Loss, Gain Peace of Mind


Fully Asses Your Home Vulnerabilities

With an extensive panel of professional installers, we can connect you with free risk assessment surveys and written quotations for many types of Home Security Systems. Individually configured to meet your needs or those of your property insurer.

Onsite Design

Tailored to your property & your budget each professional installation is individually designed based on your unique circumstance.

Service & Maintain

Available with “all-inclusive” maintenance & service contracts that cover testing, emergency callout cover, parts, labour and more

Having a risk assessment report will identify the right product for your circumstances.

Security Alarms

Wireless Home Security Systems

Popular Protection.

Wireless or Hardwired Installations. You can choose from 'basic' to 'Premium'.

Smart Systems

total control

Total Control

Manage & monitor your home security system remotely.

Wireless Property Alarms

Fully Integrated State of The Art Protection

Radio or Web based security alarms are fitted to do away with the need for cabling. Very reliable, versatile and easier to install than “hard wired” products.

Easy To Install

Without the need to drill holes or run cables, a wireless alarm can be fitted to an average 4 bedroomed house in less than half a day in most cases.


  • 24 hr Monitoring
  • Proximity Token Control
  • Other system integration
  • "Pet safe" motion detectors

How Safe is Your Home?

In the USA there is a burglary every 18 seconds & in the UK, 220,000 homes get burgled yearly. Families not only lost their possessions, but also their peace of mind.


Fully Asses Your Home Vulnerabilities

The peace of mind from knowing that your family is safe in your home can't be priced, but a new state of the art Home Security System can. You may find that it costs less than you think.
  • Key holder Response (self or nominated person)
  • Fire, Smoke, Gas alert response for monitored systems
  • Control Panel / Pad
  • Door Sensor, Movement Sensor, Smoke Sensor
  • Remote Panic Fob
  • Audible bells / siren inside & out
  • Wireless Keypad (optional)
  • Flashing Strobe Light for alerts
  • Monitoring & Maintenance contracts

Look For Your Installer to Display One or More National Trade Association Memberships

    By taking advantage of our panel of professional experts you can find competitive quotations for the cost of a new home security system. No, cost, no obligation.

    Extensive Product Range

    From basic alarms, smoke, gas & flood detectors to state of the art 'Smart Home Systems" . Each one tailored to meet your budget or needs.

    Free Risk Assessment

    Have an expert professional survey your home for free to get the perfect solution to your security needs