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Home Security Alarm Quick Buyers Guide
October 17, 2016
Monitored Alarms
Auto-diallers and Hybrid Alarms
October 17, 2016

Basic Audible Alarms & Systems

audible alarmsThis type of product is usually simple to use. It gets “armed” by using a key pad (or an electronic fob) to set a code and is disarmed the same way.

If the alarm is set off at any point it will trigger audible bells or sirens inside & outside the property. There is usually a bright strobe light (that will flash) mounted on the outside walls

The outside alarm bells will only ring for 20 minutes in the UK, but the flashing strobe & internal audible alarm will keep going until the system is disarmed by someone with the code.


  • The alarm boxes are a visual deterrent
  • The noise can interrupt a burglar
  • If you are sleeping the noise will wake you
  • Alerts the neighbors to the break-in
  • Battery backup in case of power cut
  • No ongoing service or maintenance charges
  • “low-cost” option to purchase


  • If you are not at the property, or in earshot, you don’t know about the alert
  • Experienced burglars can silence the external alarms
  • Neighbors sometimes ignore the alarm bells
  • Most basic level of home security.

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What items can be included

  • External Alarm box with strobe light
  • Internal audible alarm
  • Passive infra-red sensors
  • Movement detectors
  • Window & door contacts
  • Wall mounted key pad
  • Wireless or hard wired

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