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October 18, 2016
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November 1, 2016

Add-ons & extra features for better Home Security

Entrance Locks

There are many good quality door locks in the market, but you could take a look at electronic door locks.

Electronic door locks have a few advantages, the first being that you get keyed & key-less entry.

Secondly you can have them integrated into your smart home alarm system so that you can be alerted by SMS or e-mail when someone uses the door. May also be handy to use inside the home for privacy.

Wearable Panic Buttons

Whilst not common, this add on could be very useful for elderly or infirm persons who spend time on their own. In the event of any kind of emergency, help is going to be swiftly on the scene.


Most homes will have a smoke detector as standard, but you can find “intelligent” water, heat & gas sensors that alert you via SMS or e-mail.

Water sensors can be sensitive to moisture build-up, heat sensors monitor changes and gas sensors measure things like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other dangerous gas build-ups.

Windows and doors can be fitted with anti-tamper devices that alert to breakages or interference.

Motion detectors can differentiate between animals & humans, to avoid false alarms from your pets at home.

Driveway sensors, (if you have a driveway!) will tell you when a someone arrives.

Automated motorised curtains & blinds

Powered draperies are not new, but they can now be integrated into smart home systems so they open & close at pre-set times or when an alarm is triggered.

Smart Lighting

Fitting lighting control is one way of making it look like someone is home when you are out and is a common feature of up-market alarm systems.

Commonly, they will be automatically turned on if an alarm is triggered.

Connected to a sensor, outside lights can come on when a gate is opened or movement is detected. Lights can even be programmed to illuminate exit ways in the event of a fire or other emergency.

Cameras & Video

Having the ability to be able to see what is going (or what went on) on at your property is an excellent feature and modern surveillance cameras can do a lot of things.

With wireless connections you can put them anywhere, inside or out.

Some will take still images & send them to you, some send live streaming and others will do both plus have an audio function so that you can hear & talk via the camera.

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