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Whilst there are a lot of different protection products in the market, they tend to fall into a few main groups in terms of their major features.

The first difference is in how the alarm is installed:

The second difference is:

In general terms, wireless alarms are less intrusive to install because they require no cables (they are wireless!).

There’s no need for the fitters to cut into the walls, drill holes in the ceilings or floors, lift carpets to run wires underneath or nail cables to the skirting boards etc.

A competent team of fitters could probably completely install a standard wireless system to a 4 bed detached house in less than a day.

Pricing difference may not actually be much between the two types. Even though the equipment for a wireless alarm could be more expensive, it is less labour & time consuming to install (what you lose in one area you may gain back some of it in the other).

The big difference is home security is whether you have a stand-alone “Audible Only” alarm or chose to go for a monitored home alarm.

Monitored Alarms

As you would correctly assume, are connected to a remote centre staffed by personnel who respond to an alert in various ways dependent on the service you have subscribed to, or the severity of the alarm itself. Some services will also alert the local police


Audible Only

Or "stand-alone" alarms set off lights & bells (or sirens) which can be seen & heard both inside & outside the property, alerting occupants & neighbors to the fact that something is wrong. Audible alarms will ring for 20 minutes at most, but lights continue to flash until someone re-sets the alarm.



These devices will also have sound alarms in an around the property but they have the added option of the system calling a pre-determined phone number to alert the person to the alarm. They can use a landline or mobile networks.


Integrated System

With advances in technology home security systems can now integrate with other functions in the home, such as controlling lights, switching on the heating, even locking & unlocking internal or external doors remotely.


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