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October 17, 2016
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October 18, 2016

Fitting a responsive monitored home alarm

Monitored AlarmsIn recent surveys, it has been claimed that over 1/3rd of un-monitored burglar alarms go unnoticed or ignored. Even in a “best case scenario”, given by another survey, only just over 5% of people who hear an alarm will call the Police.

“More than 1 in 10 burglaries occur at a property that has been previously successfully burgled”

This is why, with up to 128-bit secure encryption available, a responsive monitored home security alarm is at the upper end of home security products.

The whole idea behind having a monitored home security alarm is to give the owner 24hr per day peace of mind and provide a swift level of response adequate to the type of alert triggered.

Apart from burglary, monitoring and responses can be for fire, carbon monoxide gas, smoke, personal assault or “panic button”.

The majority of Home Security Providers with ARC’s or Alarm Monitoring Centers offer “packages” of beneficial services ranging from contacting key-holders to liaising directly with the Police Force in the area of the alarm.

Benefits of monitored home alarms

When armed, the system sends data packages to the ARC via multi-path routes where you can take advantage of landlines, GSM or even your internet connection. Meaning you can be connected virtually anywhere and at all times.

The data sent can distinguish between different types of alerts, such as intrusion or fire etc.

Unlike an audible only alarm, monitored system alerts never get ignored, there is always an appropriate response.

Even the monitoring is monitored – ARC’s keep an eye on the lines of communication and if the primary goes down, the backup cuts in, so if a mobile signal dies or a landline is cut off, then the ARC will take action immediately.

You can go even more “upmarket” with a modern smart home system


  • Alarm events monitored are reported 24/7 and ARC’s always respond
  • Control centres keep an eye on the signal path, so any tampering is spotted
  • Quite specific alert information can be sent to ARC about trigger events
  • Primary communication line + back up
  • Can include video or CCTV monitoring
  • Can be upgraded to complete smart home system
  • Can provide Police response


  • Pay for installation & subscription fee for services
  • Need to have a maintenance or service contract

Police Response

Bear in mind that Police responses to monitored alarms are a tricky subject, due to a high instance of false alarms over the years.

The Police themselves do not monitor the alarm, it is the ARC (Alarm Monitoring Centre) that does it and, when necessary, contact the appropriate regional Police.

To qualify for UK Police response, the system has to meet criteria such as British Standards PD6662 and attendance by the police could well depend upon how busy they are at the time of the alert – they prioritise responses.


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