Shopping Hobbies? These are 7 Safe and Comfortable Online Shopping Tips

There are many reasons that make people finally choose online shopping as a solution to fulfill their daily needs. In addition to not needing to go to the store and choose items, some other advantages such as convenience in shopping because it is equipped with a good system, many choices of shops and goods needs, competitive prices, and a fast delivery process is also the reason. In fact, the community is also facilitated by returns or return of goods if the order is not appropriate.
However, we must be more vigilant when shopping online. Here are some safe and convenient online shopping shopping tips that you can see.

1. Select a known website

The first thing you have to do is to choose a trusted shopping site that has proven quality. Do not rush to search through the search engines for example “buy cheap watches”, because the search engine might lead you to a less trusted shopping site, especially if you have passed many pages in the search engine. Try asking friends about any shopping sites that you can use easily. Also make sure that this website has a good reputation and not too many complaints from its customers. Some of the trusted shopping sites that you can visit in Indonesia are Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada, Zalora, and many more. Well, to make it easier to shop at various trusted merchants, you can also do it via ShopBack. Besides many merchants, you can also get cashback from every transaction made.

2. Look at the website in more detail

Never shop or even use a credit card as a payment option on shopping sites that do not have SSL (secure socket layer). Usually the address of a shopping site like this will begin with “HTTPS: //”, while a good shopping site only starts with “HTTP: //”. Next, never give information about credit cards via email, huh!

3. Don’t share your personal information

Not all online shopping sites require personal information (including birthdays and other important numbers) to run their business. Therefore, fill in some information that you think is important, yes!

4. Use a strong password

Instead of using your birth date or name, it’s good to think of other things that you can use as a password for the shopping sites you visit. Make it as unique as possible, but still easy to remember. If necessary, record all your passwords in a note so that one day you can use them again when you forget.

5. Check the balance mutation at any time

To avoid the bad possibilities that occur, such as a sudden decrease in balance for items that you don’t buy, try to check your money balance mutations regularly, huh. If something goes wrong, immediately report to the relevant bank.

6. Go mobile!

There are other easy ways that you can do to still be able to shop online even though you are traveling. The trick is to download the shopping application from the shopping site you choose on your smartphone. You can also download the ShopBack application for free through the Google Store or App Store on your mobile. This way, you can shop anywhere and anytime without having to go to the store or website, right?

7. Do it at home and use a personal gadget

To be safer, try to do online shopping activities at home (if shopping on a website) using a personal computer. If you are forced to use public facilities, make sure you log out of a shopping account so that no one is nosy and use your shopping account for their own benefit. Whereas if you are mobile, make sure to shop by using a personal account in the shopping application that is on your gadget!