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keep styleI actually do not even care that summer is about to officially” end. So as to add a brand new language, add a new translation class to ASLocalizer.h. Add the English‑Translation pair to the constructor in Update the WinLangCode array and add the language code to the function setTranslationClass(). This selection can be used together with the paren padding options pad‑paren, pad‑paren‑out, pad‑paren‑in, and pad‑header above.

Indent ‘switch’ blocks in order that the ‘case X:’ statements are indented within the switch block. With this feature just one file at a time might be formatted. Lengthy options within the options file may be written without the previous ‘-‘. Choices could also be set apart by new-traces, tabs, commas, or spaces.

Change blocks are indented to stop a ‘hanging indent’ with following case statements. If no indentation possibility is about, the default option of 4 areas might be used. Blocks inside strategies, courses, arrays, and so forth., is not going to be indented. The design of followers have come a great distance over time, and lately you possibly can simply find some trendy choices across all kinds of worth ranges.

Braced extern “C” statements are unaffected by the brace type and this feature is the only approach to change them. If there’s a battle between a command line possibility and an choice in the default options file, the command line choice will probably be used. Because of the longer indents sometimes wanted for Objective‑C, the option “max-continuation-indent” could must be elevated.

If one among these options just isn’t used, the road ends shall be determined routinely from the input file. Linux – The braces are attached aside from the opening brace of a operate, class, or namespace (Okay&R, Linux). If used with preserve‑one‑line‑blocks or add-one-line-braces the blocks will NOT be damaged.